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SandCube Analytics, based in Bangalore, an IT capital of world, has grown significantly in last two years and thrive to become a global brand in analytics platform. We are expanding organically and through strategic partnership, with the objective of building a full- service agency offering a comprehensive menu specialized in sport and related diversified services sports and technology.

  • 50 + strong trained team with 2+ years of experience in sports analytics
  • One of the best analysts who are expert in all sports across World.
  • Above team work for 24/7, 365 days to provide accurate statistic to our clients.
  • That means 8500 hours of continuous operations.

Our Products Team has immense experience and are from elite institute IIT.

We have Developed

  • Organisation Communication IT Tools
  • Plantir: Security Device.
  • Car Android Based Infotainment System.
  • Home Automation System.
  • Internal Tracking Radar.

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Consulting Services

We make sure that the solutions we design are fully able to support your enterprise across the value chain, from procurement through to CRM, and give you the metrics to identify and communicate IT’s contribution to these processes.

Our specialist transition managers then work with you to manage the whole change process, taking care of all the activities needed, from due diligence and joint verification to service adoption and exit management.

Clients who have used our Consultancy Services have seen cost savings of up to 40%

Technology Services

Getting the correct components to build your IT infrastructure can be confusing. We offer a full range of technology services to help you make the right decisions throughout the IT lifecycle, from assessment to implementation and ongoing management. Without ties to any particular vendor, we always use technology that keeps your costs down and gives you a return on your investment in the shortest possible time. Our expert consultants are skilled in all aspects of infrastructure design, and by maintaining partnerships and accreditations with the leading hardware and software suppliers we ensure that the solutions we design are right for your organization.

Transformation Services

Technology is developing at a rapid pace. IT environments are failing to keep up with the resulting changes, and large-scale IT infrastructures are becoming both inflexible and costly to maintain. Organizations now face a range of problems, from the challenge of making applications work across different platforms, to the difficulty of working with the proliferation of diverse control and management systems.

The solutions that do exist, however, are becoming increasingly complex, requiring different approaches and new skills. In today’s global economy, users need to communicate with colleagues, customers and suppliers around the clock, and not “implementing the right solutions can become an expensive and impractical drain on resources.

From developing alternative ways to run your network to making sure that your processes support your business, our transformation services provide a range of options to help you smooth the process of change and ensure your IT systems are ready to meet the future needs of your organization.

Infrastructure Management

Having an IT system running on diverse platforms across different geographical areas can be costly and inefficient so an effective IT Service Management structure is vital when delivering your business critical services. ITIL-accredited, our service management consultants provide expertise in service delivery, service support, application management and the implementation and use of Service Management best practices. By assessing your IT strategy, in terms of cost, efficiency and the levels of service you offer, they work with you to transform your IT processes and systems. Savings identified can then be used to make the strategic business changes needed to get the most out of your existing IT infrastructure.

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A strategic operational partner of Krossover since 2013. 3 years of experience in Krossover Indexing platform. Delivered 40k assignments in last two years with accuracy of 99% which is phenomenal.

Amyn Bandali

Director Operations, Krossover INC

SandCube focus on building strong relationships. SandCube IMS solutions, has been central to making our partnership work better, for us and our customers.

Ajit Kumar Singh

Director, Indus Infra.

From the implementation, management and support of core back office infrastructure, through to application development, SandCube has delivered great flexibility and responsive support of core back office infrastructure.

Rahul Agarwal

Skylit Labs.

Our Offices:
SandCube has offices in Kolkata and Bangalore with revenue of $1 million with exceptional growth led by  professional and entrepreneur who has led  many world class organization at key  positions. (Established, 2011)